Preparation and the Need to Prepare

Good morning. Yesterday’s quote was President Biden confusing the North African country of Libya with the Middle Eastern country of Syria. Today NYPD gets sued again; jobless claims jump unexpectedly; and terrorists attack Israel again. Here is today’s quote:

This is not about just our self-interest; it’s about a mutual self-interest. I’ll take your questions and, as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m gunna call on so, uh, Johnathan – Associated Press.


New York police officers accused Shake Shack employees of poisoning their shakes out of distaste for law enforcement. The officers did not taste the shakes. Instead, they threw them out and accused the employees of wrongdoing. Security tape tells the tale—a later investigation revealed no evidence of bleach or other toxic ingredients in their drinks. The employees are suing the NYPD union for defamation and with good reason.

Jobs Report

Initial unemployment insurance claims unexpectedly jumped by fully 42,000 in the week ending June 12. The largest jumps were in Illinois and Ohio, who each gained more than 2,000 initial claims week-over week. The winners were Pennsylvania, California, Oklahoma, and Texas, who each shed more than 3,000 initial claims The full Department of Labor report can be found here.


Exactly one day after the creation of the Jewish State, the entire Arab world declared war on Israel. The newfound country has worked to fend off several wars and terrorist attacks ever since. Just days after the new government took over, Israel is forced to deal with yet another round of attacks, this time from the Islamic terrorist group Hamas. They launched incendiary balloons at Israel, starting 20 wildfires and earned them an onslaught of Israeli shells in response. A spokeswoman for the Israeli military noted that her country “is prepared for any scenario, including a resumption of hostilities.” Its new administration does not take hostilities lightly.

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